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FQuick has Joined Quantcast

FQuick, a community for members to connect and show off their current, past and dream vehicles, has joined our Quantified Publisher program with more than 50,000 global monthly uniques.

Check out their Quantcast profile here:

FQuick is a dynamic social network built around autos and auto enthusiasts that includes a search engine, a message center, friend lists, virtual garages, event postings, user-generated video and more.

The site is extremely popular with men aged 18 – 24 and is nearly twice as likely as the typical website to appeal to those with a graduate-level education.

Fifty-two percent of FQuick’s visits come from “regulars,” who visit the site several times a month, and 18 percent come from “addicts,” who visit the site mote than 30 times per month.

Not surprisingly, FQuick fans also frequent AutoZone and AutoTrader.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, FQuick!