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Fox Broadcasting Network has Joined Quantcast

The Fox Broadcasting Network, a division of News Corporation and one of the nation’s largest media networks, has joined Quantcast’s Quantified Publisher program.

Check out their Quantcast network profile here:

The Fox Broadcasting Network of websites — including,,,, and more — have a combined, unduplicated global reach of 6.8 million monthly uniques.

More than 50 percent of the network’s visits come from ‘regulars,’ who visit the network several times per month, and 13 percent of its visits come from ‘addicts,’ who visit 30 times per month or more.

Among the network’s Key properties are — which features ‘channels’ for each of the network’s programs, including 24, American Idol, House, Kitchen Nightmares and many more — and

— has more than 5.5 million global monthly uniques.  See their Quantcast profile here: is popular with people of all ages, but especially those aged 25 – 34.  It skews female and indexes very high for those with a college education.  Fans also frequent the online homes of Cosmogirl, Vogue ( and Woman’s Day magazines.

— has more than half a million global monthly uniques. See their Quantcast profile here: site is popular with people between the ages of 18 and 24, and indexes extremely high for those households with children aged 6 – 17.  Fans also visit Comedy Central and Nickelodeon (

Many thanks to the folks at the Fox Broadcasting Network.  We appreciate your vote of confidence.