We held our fall edition of Quantcast Virtual NOVA, with three different events on September 14-16 for North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, where we announced exciting new innovations to the Quantcast Platform. Thousands of people registered to watch as we revealed cookieless solutions that empower simply smarter connections between publishers, advertisers, and brands. We also brought together industry leaders to discuss the changes, challenges, and opportunities for the future of advertising. 

This illuminating event was made even better by our attendees’ participation and engagement as we showcased new and transformative capabilities of the Quantcast Platform: 

  1. New cookieless solutions available to users now
  2. Ara® TopicMap, which uses AI to link contextual signals to consumer intent and provides greater accuracy for reaching audiences today and in a future, post-cookie world
  3. Quantcast Connect, which directly matches high-quality publisher supply with marketer demand through smarter insights

We had many thoughtful questions from our audience, and we’re sharing some of our answers here.

Does the Quantcast Platform depend on third-party data?

The Quantcast Platform does not depend on third-party data. We operate on real-time, first-party data and hence are in a strong position to tackle the challenges of third-party cookie deprecation. Our custom-built data analytics technology queries a database of over a trillion online signals in under 100 milliseconds to ensure an interactive and instantaneous experience. 

Did Quantcast work with any other companies in developing Ara?

Ara is our unique AI and machine learning engine that powers the Quantcast Platform. The Quantcast Platform’s ease of use and results at scale are made possible by Ara’s advanced audience analytics, real-time predictive modeling, and autonomous campaign execution. It automates the automatable, empowering brands and agencies to focus on creative advertising strategies and publishers to focus on creating engaging content.  

Is interest-based audience planning available today?

Yes! With Ara TopicMap, you can define audiences based on not only demographics, but over 150 predefined interests as well as use custom keywords to get really focused. Watch a short demo here and get in touch with us here.

Will Quantcast Connect be available across the globe?

Currently, Quantcast Connect is available in the US and UK markets–stay tuned for updates in other markets. Other forms of inventory planning, however, are now available across all markets in which we operate. Advertisers can measure and validate their own inventory as well as supply deals available through exchanges in the context of the very bespoke audiences they create, bringing precision to their supply curation.

What environments are ads served in with cookieless activation?

The ads are served primarily in non-third-party cookie environments, which were difficult to reach traditionally such as Safari and Firefox. We see approximately 50-60% of ad delivery in Safari environments.

How does the Quantcast Platform’s audience building square with privacy laws and consumer expectations around privacy? 

Quantcast is a pioneer in the field of consent management. We worked with IAB Europe to help define and implement the TCF v1.0 framework and launched Quantcast Choice–one of the first consent management products in the market in early 2018. Today, Quantcast Choice, a leading consent management platform, powers a large portion of the consent signal using the IAB’s transparency and consent framework (TCF v2.0) and is an integral component of the Quantcast Platform.

What certifications can I get from the Quantcast Academy?

We recently introduced Quantcast Academy, which is free and open to all individuals and organizations, including students, advertising industry professionals, and those looking to build the skills required to enter the digital advertising field. Quantcast Academy provides online learning modules and a full certification program to help understand the language, tools, and processes of the digital advertising ecosystem, including concepts such as how artificial intelligence works and its increasingly integral role in marketing strategy. The academy also arms individuals with the training and skills needed to become certified experts in the Quantcast Platform. You can find the right course for you and choose between those two certification options, or do both, and advance your career. 

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The unveiling of our new cookieless solutions in the Quantcast Platform at Virtual NOVA: Simply Smarter Connections is part of our mission to champion a free and open internet. We thank everyone who participated in this fall event, and if you missed any of it, you can still watch any or all of the segments here

As we continue to innovate, transform, and bring our expertise to the market, we hope you will join us on the journey. Learn more about the Quantcast Platform here and get a demo today.