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As we continue to expand our audience measurement and media planning tool offerings, one thing is for sure – publishers, agencies, and the marketplace in general want to hear more about Quantcast’s vision of the future:

• How will media be better segmented, packaged and delivered based on improved audience measurement and targeting solutions?

• What services can buyers and sellers start leveraging today to improve returns?

• Why will addressability change the way we think about the media planning and buying process?

We are deeply committed to engaging with the industry, helping to answer these questions and providing marketplace solutions. With this post, we’ll begin a continuing recap of speaking events and conferences where Quantcast leaders contribute to the discussion. Here’s a quick summary of some recent activity:

On May 14th, Quantcast CEO and co-founder Konrad Feldman participated in Editor & Publisher’s Interactive Conference in Las Vegas on a panel discussion focused on audience metrics. For a recap of the discussion, click here.

Last week, at the iMedia Agency Summit in Austin, TX, Quantcast’s CMO Adam Gerber participated in a general session panel in front of agency executives about audience metrics, and next generation services. The session was lively, and reinforced why publishers and agencies need to think differently about audience measurement and metrics. For a recap of the session, click here, or for a video clip from the discussion, watch here.

Adam also recently contributed to the Upstream Habitat advertising sales training conference, held on May 15/16th, in San Jose, CA. Attended by over 100 sales executives from more than 40 media organizations, the session was the second Habitat conference conducted by the Upstream Group. The focus of the two-day conference was providing education and best practices for sales executives to succeed in the digital sales environment. We’ll continue participation in Fall Upstream events, for schedule and location info click here.

Next up, a host of key industry events where Quantcast executives will continue to evangelize the need for more accountable audience measurement, as the foundation for addressable media. Watch for us in June at the Magazine Publisher of America’s Research Committee Meeting, and at the Advertising 2.0 event in New York City on June 4th.


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