What Brands Should Know About Publisher Data

For years, brands and buyers have yearned for “truth” in targeting data but opted for nebulous third-party data over publishers’ first-party data sets. Why? As the clamor for transparency and consent grows, publishers hold the keys for brands through their own data. A majority of third-party data is collected directly from publishers, so why not leverage the source when considering modeling, content creation, targeting and reporting?

Question Everything

Publishers’ data can understand human behavior down to a granular level because it is uniquely first party. Contextual intent data, when applied to the patterns, shows that a user on the publisher site has intent. This intentional behavior provides super niche insights, helps brands connect with audiences. What are the building blocks to harness the right parts of a publisher data set? Publishers need to frame how their data is relevant to brands and what it can achieve.

Start with a simple framework:

  • Do something with your data.
  • Organize your data.
  • Define how your data is relevant to your partners.

Get the Most Out of Publisher Data

What is fueling the gap between what marketers want and what publishers offer? The difference boils down to how publishers have been positioned historically and jargon. Both parties are not set up to ingest the data signals easily and put them into a common language, but publisher sets are active and real-time, making them worth the investment to integrate. Brands shouldn’t solely resort to buying the lowest CPM cost, which leads to massive media waste. Publishers and marketers need to be open and flexible. Both parties need to act as partners and be transparent about how each can help optimize the data strategy to achieve a brand’s goals from the beginning. Giving a publisher a transparent view of what the brand’s successful KPIs look like can help create a future of long-lasting growth and development within multiple campaigns.

Be open to possibilities: You might discover something new.

Be transparent about brand KPIs and what is of value.

Unify to one language when ingesting data.

How Do I Identify the Right Option for My Business?

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