Although we’ve had to wait an entire extra year for the Summer Olympics, they’re finally here! Public spectators won’t be allowed to watch the games in person, but that won’t stop viewers around the world from tuning in live to cheer on their favorite athletes and teams. We are all excited to see top athletes push themselves and demonstrate grit, determination, and the unbreakable human spirit.

With fans actively researching top Olympic sports, we wanted to identify the “who’s who” of the Olympics. This type of exercise is important, as understanding trending keywords and topics of interest, as well as regional audience demographics can help inform and refine your marketing and digital advertising strategy. In this example, we explored our first-party dataset to uncover content browsing behaviors around the globe and see how keyword interest for the same sports and athletes differ around the world. To get you in the Olympic spirit, here are some key highlights for Tennis, Basketball, and Gymnastics in the US, the UK, and Australia/New Zealand.

As you can see, Olympic fans around the world vary greatly in terms of the sports categories they’re interested in and their particular demographics. Even after the 2021 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, our first-party data set can offer essential insights into areas such as audience profiles, search behavior, and winning strategies. If you’re ready to expand your audience reach during major events such as the Olympics, contact Quantcast to see our platform in action!


US: Quantcast Audience Planner. Date range: 7/1/21 to 7/17/21

Australia/New Zealand: Quantcast Audience Planner. Date range: 5/30/21 to 6/19/21

UK: Quantcast Audience Planner. Date range: 5/30/21-6//29/21