Quantcast recently held our inaugural Digital Ad Awards competition, open to the public for voting, nominating exceptional ads that contribute to a better and more positive user experience on the open internet. Following IAB’s LEAN criteria, these ads enrich, rather than detract from, the user experience. They respect that a consumer’s primary objective is to consume publisher content, and they provide consumers with control over their advertising experience, allowing them to choose what content they want to experience and for how long. 

LEAN ads follow these standards:

  • Light: limited ad file size, so that both ads and pages can load quickly 
  • Encrypted: HTTPS security on a website and ad server to protect integrity and privacy of information exchanged
  • Ad-Choice Supported: compliance with AdChoices’ industry self-regulation program, allowing consumers to control their data privacy
  • Non-Invasive: creative that is not disruptive or irritating in terms of technical performance or visual and auditory quality

Our mini-awards competition recognized nominees that excelled in following these guiding principles. All of the nominated ads were designed and run on behalf of our clients by our managed service organization. The competition was open to the public for voting from May 25 – June 4, 2021 with hundreds of people around the world participating.

We are pleased to announce the winners in each category!

Best Brand Awareness Ad 

Arla Skyr’s ad built familiarity through distinctive messaging, establishing strong brand recall with their specific audiences

By conflating images of Iceland’s compressed banks of glacier-packed snow with Skyr’s “skyriously” thick mounds of Icelandic-style yogurt, the Arla Skyr ad solidifies audience awareness of its brand. 

Most Compelling Ad

The Brooklyn Nets’ ad drove substantial engagement, while achieving lasting brand recognition.

With its eye-catching visuals as the players pop on to the screen and take a shot, the Brooklyn Nets ad fires up their audience to buy tickets to see the action in person. 

Best Storytelling Ad

Energise Africa solved their storytelling challenge as if it was an art form. They walked their audience through a carefully constructed narrative that aimed to humanize their brand and emotionally connect with the audience.

Through personalized storytelling balanced with persuasive facts and figures, Energise Africa crafts an inspiring narrative that motivates viewers to invest and make a difference. 

Congratulations to our winners! If you’d like to view all of the nominated ads, you can check out the deserving nominees here. And if you need help managing your advertising campaigns, click here to learn about our different service options to fit your needs.