As the Vice President of Display Media at dentsu, the largest advertising agency and fifth largest agency network in the world, Jason Crawford is committed to helping clients navigate, progress, and thrive in a world of change. With 20 years of planning and activation experience, Jason knows that an ad campaign’s success depends on identifying relevant and responsive audiences. 

While the majority of US digital ad dollars are going to Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Jason recognizes the importance of diversifying dentsu’s ad spend across more channels. “From an advertising perspective,” he acknowledged, given that the walled gardens “have largely deterministic data, whether that’s log-in data [or] email data,” they have become a default choice for many marketers because it seems “more easily accessible to use that data. But the reality is the more that we put our eggs in one basket, [the more it] reduces the overall ability to innovate and drive performance” because “we are limited to a certain set of data.” Since consumers spend 66% of their time online browsing the open web and only 34% within the walled gardens, Jason significantly expands dentsu’s audience reach and insights by going beyond the walled gardens.

Jason is focused on establishing a first-party data strategy, drawing on “both online and offline data” for analysis and actionable insights. With Ara, the AI and machine learning engine that powers the Quantcast Platform, dentsu gains access to first-party, real-time data from over 100M+ web and mobile destinations. According to Jason, “we get value out of working with Quantcast” from “the audience insights and the information that you’re able to provide back.” Not only does it “drive measurable business outcomes,” the data helps them with “future planning–whether that’s audience, creative, targeting–and therefore future performance.” 

As a “very performance-focused agency,” dentsu considers data a powerful tool that enables them to learn more about their clients’ current and potential clients. And working with Quantcast, the agency has been able to effectively “identify audiences who are qualified and likely to respond.” Jason elaborated: “Quantcast has been a strategic partner of many of our clients at dentsu media. Across many campaigns and client categories, we’ve found that by leveraging Quantcast’s data and the platform’s advanced AI technology, we can effectively identify predictive audiences who are more likely to take the desired campaign action.”

He concluded: “Our teams find the audience and campaign performance insights provided by Quantcast are invaluable to our clients’ success. In an increasingly complicated data and media ecosystem, we look forward to continuing to partner with Quantcast in 2021 and beyond.”

Here is a short video of Jason, speaking at our Virtual NOVA

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