One of the most powerful indicators of consumer intent that have been largely underutilized by advertisers across the the full advertising funnel – is search. Online search behavior reveals not only who you are, but what you’re interested in and what products and services you are likely to buy.
Yet, advertisers today still wait for consumers to perform a search before targeting them. The truth is, decisions are made long before the consumer gets to the search bar. At this point their opinions of brands are solidified and they are close to their purchase decision. Ultimately this doesn’t build long term-brand affinity, but rather short-term transactional value.
Search activity provides a treasure trove of insight into people’s intentions and interests but to date has only been accessible via search marketing and search retargeting. Now with Quantcast’s Search Powered Audiences, advertisers can find desired consumers before they’ve reached the search bar and reach them wherever they connect online. This provides marketers the flexibility to target campaigns to their most relevant audiences at meaningful scale. For the first time, advertisers have effective and customizable solutions for upper and mid-funnel ad campaign objectives. Learn more in this video:

Quantcast Search Powered Audiences from Quantcast on Vimeo.