Dear Internet,

Thank you for everything you have given us over the years.

We appreciate the incredible free content, creativity, education, news, entertainment, and so much more available to us. Some people have never experienced life without you, but because I fondly remember the first time I logged online, hearing the melodic tones of dial-up, I recognize that once you were a source of awe. 

It’s been an incredible but sometimes turbulent journey. In the early days, pages took ages to load, the connection tied up the phone line for hours, and downloading a file could take days. Our early social connections came from and Match, reuniting with old school friends or finding a potential love interest online. We knew you had potential, but look how much you have grown. You have provided escapism, especially in these recent challenging times.

Along the way, have we started taking you for granted? Is this access to incredible free resources under threat? Is the value exchange of the internet widely understood? Ultimately, the free content we enjoy has to be funded. For you to continue to thrive and grow, we need to protect the incredible online content creators whose livelihoods rely on being compensated for their work. 

To the journalists, photographers, artists, fashionistas, storytellers: please continue to create your beautiful content. Without you, the uniqueness and diversity of the internet would not exist. We champion your creativity and passion. We want your content to remain free and accessible to all, not hidden behind gated walls. We appreciate that you have helped build the landscape of the internet, and we are working to power the media that empowers you. We want to help fund all the creators, not just a few.  

To digital marketers: your advertising is the gold thread that holds the internet together. This is the only way that it can remain neutral, unbiased, and free for all. We want not only to help connect advertisers to their audiences but also to help you grow and thrive in the future.

To online consumers: we want you to have continued access to the information and experiences that the internet provides. But we also believe that your data should be protected and only used on your terms.

We are Online Citizens
We are Adventurous.
We are Travelers.
We are Inquisitive.
We want to Learn and Grow.

World Wide Web, you will be 30 years old this August. You are seeing increasing pressure to perform, be more efficient, drive results, and help brands grow. 

We champion a free and open internet. We believe consumers are at the center. Let Quantcast be your guide on this journey as you evolve.

Nisha Ridout

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