SXSW in Austin, Texas has bloomed from a local music festival into a massive conference that serves as a pulsepoint for the next big things in technology, music and film. Twitter was unveiled at SXSW in 2007 and Foursquare in 2009. Using Quantcast data, we wondered who you might find at each of the sessions and where festival-goers can be found relaxing, dining and partying while in Austin.
A typical SXSW searcher skews toward minorities between 18-44 years old with $50K+ in annual income and a college education. Top interests include music, finance and technology – right up the alley of SXSW session topics. We took this as a baseline and compared how searchers for each section of SXSW – film, interactive and music – differed from here.
Highlights of the Data:

  • Film searchers skewed toward the lowest income levels of the bunch (<$50K annually). Top interests were heavily entertainment focused: TV, movie and tech news. Outside of SXSW, you can find them perusing cult film classics at Vulcan Video in Austin.
  • Interactive searchers skewed toward the highest income levels ($100K+ annually) and had the skew toward Asians. Top interests included advertising, fashion and home furnishings. Interactive attendees are likely to be found at Juiceland – Austin’s local juice alternative to Starbucks.
  • Music fans skewed the most female and 25-44 years old. Top interests were in cooking, fitness and shopping. Catch these searchers enjoying a jog around Lady Bird Lake downtown after the conference.
  • Overall panelist searchers skewed toward the oldest demographic (45+ years old) and male. Top interests included legal/government news, music and politics – as SXSW has a political focus this year. Spot them debating policy over coffee at a local favorite – Strange Brew, Austin Coffee.

US Data SXSW Profiles
SXSW’s home state, Texas, dominated interest around SXSW. Washington, New York, Delaware and New Jersey rounded out the top 5 states with highest interest in attending SXSW. Tech-heavy California ranked only 12th highest – as other tech conferences and music festivals may bring more interest to the state.
US Data SXSW Map
Whether it’s checking out the latest films, testing a new technology or catching a well-known panelist – one thing is for sure, there will be plenty to do at SXSW and in Austin!