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Connecting the Marketplace – Announcing Quantcast Media Program

Publishers have long been using Quantcast to accurately measure and describe their audiences. More recently, Marketers have gained access to rich insights regarding their valuable consumer targets.

Today we launched Quantcast Media Program to connect Marketers and Publishers using consistent, actionable and accurate data applied at the impression level. A first for the industry.

Now, Marketers can access audiences of millions who look like their most desirable consumer – in a uniform way, at scale, across the industry’s leading online publishers.

Quantcast Media Program provides advertisers with the first scalable way to define target audiences via their own data insights and apply this custom segmentation consistently throughout the buying process. Publishers are now able to provide improved inventory packaging and expand the range of advertisers they can effectively serve.

See what AdAge had to say.

And what leading buyers and sellers think:

“Advertisers ultimately want to deliver the right message to the right audience, and this system allows us to provide an even greater level of granularity and targeting capability across our broad range of quality content,” said Peter Naylor, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales, NBC Universal. “We’re pleased to be working with Quantcast to help add that additional insight and value for our clients.”

“While the future of advertising is addressable, Quantcast takes this concept one step further by giving the advertiser control over defining their own consumer segments and consistently applying those definitions across media outlets,” says Ed Montes, EVP and Managing Director, Havas Digital. “By defining audience segments based off our own unique consumer engagements, we are able to obtain a much clearer view of our consumer and to have confidence that our messages are reaching the right audiences.”

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