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Connecting Big Data and Big Brands

Over the past several years, advertisers have increasingly benefitted from the impression-by-impression efficiency and effectiveness afforded by real-time bidding (RTB) across ad exchanges. At Quantcast, we believe that the same trends powering RTB growth – the ability to apply big data directly to impression-level targeting decisions – can also be used to help premium publishers bring the power of precision audience delivery to brand advertisers within their own premium ad environments and through their direct sales teams.

Today, we’re announcing an important investment in this vision with the launch of a new self-service interface for our brand targeting solution, Quantcast Advertise for Branding. This dashboard provides a new level of transparency for participating publishers and advertisers and allows them to transact directly based on specified audiences.

The new dashboard extends the current capabilities of our brand targeting solution, which applies advanced predictive modeling to high-value audience segments to pinpoint similar consumers across the web at significant scale. Quantcast then integrates directly with publishers at the ad server level to inform ad delivery in real time and allow publishers to satisfy new advertiser demand. Audience segments offered via this solution, and featured in today’s dashboard release, include:

Demographics: Segments for age, gender, parents, education, income, and more

Spendographics: High-value audience segments modeled from premium purchase data

Custom Advertiser Segments: Custom audience segments built from predictive modeling, based on an advertiser’s unique audience

With the launch of this new dashboard, our publisher partners can better offer and deliver highly relevant audiences to brand advertisers. The dashboard helps publishers understand the potential scale of each Quantcast audience segment across their site(s), enabling better inventory packaging and a broader range of advertiser requests that can be satisfied. Publishers can also use the dashboard to prospect new advertising clients by gaining visibility into the extent to which advertisers’ custom audience segments can be delivered from within their inventory. Participating advertisers can buy their exact audiences at scale from the publishers of their choice to maximize their reach within premium environments.

Quantcast Advertise publisher partners such as Warner Bros., AccuWeather, SAY Media, and more, are already using this new dashboard to better capitalize on audience selling opportunities across their sites and connect with Quantcast advertisers. We’re enthusiastic about the potential of connecting real-time data, modeling, and ad delivery, and our first self-serve dashboard for Quantcast Advertise will make it easier for the Quantcast community to power more relevant advertising for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

Posted by Konrad Feldman, Co-Founder & CEO, 11/15/12