As a leading global online trading company with over 30 years of experience, CMC Markets is used to managing risk in fast-moving markets. But when the stock market experiences dramatic swings in activity and price fluctuations, it can also affect their customer demographics. For Sophia Jung, Digital Marketing Executive, her goal is to “navigate through all these market changes” to “achieve high-value audiences and deliver new opportunities for our business.” 

Sophia works closely with Quantcast to achieve this goal, delivering campaigns across the APAC and Canada regions. CMC Markets offers both stockbroking and contracts for difference trading across both markets, and so, Sophia explained, “the challenge that we face as a business is that we are very market-driven.” Beyond that market-driven performance, “when the markets become very volatile, and then shortly slows back down, we really have to find new ways to engage with new audiences, audience insights, and machine learning data.” By adroitly responding to those market changes, CMC Markets can “understand who our target demographics are in real-time.” To this end, Sophia has found Quantcast’s “first-party data offering and audience behaviour insights” to be essential.  

According to Sophia, CMC Markets has chosen to work with Quantcast first “for the technology, and secondly, for the people, my extended support team.” She elaborated, “It’s been great working with the team; they’ve been so receptive to all the market conditions, continually helping us deliver up against our set targets. For us, it’s often around acquisition.” The partnership works well, Sophia explained, “because they’re very open, they’re proactive, and they’re very keen to understand our business and the industry.” As a result, CMC Markets is successfully meeting their marketing objectives. 

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