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Choosing Data To Display in Traffic Graphs

Our new HTML5-based traffic graphs (see example) allow you to display and access information more quickly and they are a bit different from our older graphs. Here are some tips on getting the most out of them:

People, Visits and Page Views stats are now displayed in tabs, which you can access quickly by clicking each. Additionally, you can view Cookies by clicking More Options in each tab.

Hover over a time on the graph to view data for that specific date. The data is displayed instantly; no need to refresh the page!

Use the slider beneath the graph to change the dates and range shown. You can also just click a range ( 1w | 1m | 3m | 6m | 1y | All ) or chose a date above the graph ( Jun 7, 2011 — Jul 7, 2011). This determines what range is included in the graph, such as last week or the previous year.

Choose the geographic region you want to include in the graph by clicking More Options and choosing Global, Top Countries or United States.

Be sure to check out out other blog posts about the new Quantcast traffic graphs: overview and using the time slider.