Today is International Women’s Day, when we celebrate the achievements of women. It is also a call to action, encouraging women around the world to challenge themselves by setting their own goals and showcasing their accomplishments, but also pushing forward greater gender equality for the next generation of women.

Quantcast supports the #ChooseToChallenge pledge. Our marketing team includes a powerhouse of female talent, led by our inspirational CMO, Ingrid Burton, a refreshing change in our industry. Ingrid is a major force in leading Quantcast’s charge to drive digital advertising innovation in 2021 and beyond.

Last week we hosted Virtual NOVA, where we introduced the Quantcast Platform, an innovative and intelligent audience platform that is changing how advertising is bought and sold on the open internet. The shifting global landscape demands strategic changes; we are not only challenging ourselves but also challenging the industry and digital advertisers to think outside of the walled gardens to drive change in their own marketing strategies.


Launching in the midst of the global pandemic was not only challenging, but professionally rewarding.  Was it tough, stressful, and were we totally exhausted? Yes, yes, and yes! We launched an innovative and intelligent advertising platform, whilst some of  us on the marketing team were juggling raising young children while on constant video calls from early mornings to late into the night.

We have clearly been challenged, so why do we do it? Because we care. And we love it! We care about our work, and we also care about being strong role models for our children. This latest test has brought out our inner superwoman. Every day, we are striving to build a better future on the internet for consumers and, at the same time, build a better future for our children. 

Below, we’re sharing the stories of some of our team members that brought last week’s launch to life and, in keeping with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, how they #ChooseToChallenge themselves.

ChooseToChallenge: Momspiration from Around the Globe

Story #1: Mahsaw Kazemi, Head of Marketing, Canada I #ChooseToChallenge myself to continuously develop professionally. Recently, I returned from maternity leave to my role leading B2B marketing in Canada. Many women are challenged as new mothers to not only care for their families but also be engaged and energized to continue building their careers. This is a challenge I am excited to take on; I will model gender roles in my home to continue my professional development and to set an example for my young son. I am lucky to work for Quantcast which supports new parents in this transition back to work. It is important now more than ever to push for an equal workforce and encourage women back to work.

Story #2: Rachael Townsley, Head of Marketing, APAC

I #ChooseToChallenge myself and others to invest in learning and development, both personally and professionally. Let’s be the best people we can be, for ourselves, for our families, for our business, no matter what the world throws our way. As a female leader, I commit to challenging and calling out gender bias and inequity and to strive to create an inclusive workplace and culture. Wouldn’t it be nice for our kids to enter the workforce as equals – whatever their gender identity? It’s our role to help make this happen. At Quantcast, these conversations are encouraged and welcomed, which I really value. I can openly speak up and feel heard whatever the issue or challenge. It’s time to build a better culture for today and start to shape the future for generations to come. And, in the words of the International Women’s Day organization, “from challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.”

Story #3: Brooke Bengier, Head of Content Marketing, US

I #ChooseToChallenge myself to celebrate my wins more wholeheartedly. As a mom of 2 and 5-year-olds, I feel the pressure to “lean in” and “do it all,” so when I don’t meet the impossible goals I have set, it’s easy to label it as failure. This has been made more difficult with the challenges of a pandemic — I am a work-from-home / full-time mom, suddenly trying to balance work video calls with the chaos of toys strewn everywhere, the food demands of tiny hungry humans, and adorable but distracting impromptu musical dance numbers. I’m too hard on myself. We are all too hard on ourselves. There will be moments of incredible professional success, where we feel valued by colleagues for our talent and intellect, and moments of personal growth, whereas moms we gain satisfaction from the children we’re raising. These rarely are achieved at the same time, so we should be kinder to ourselves and set realistic goals that celebrate each one of these accomplishments as they happen. I am lucky to be at Quantcast, a business that recognizes these challenges and promotes work-life balance.

My Story #4: Nisha Ridout, Senior Field Marketing Manager, EMEA

I #ChooseToChallenge the stereotypes I was surrounded by growing up because I want to be known for more than my gender and race. Many of the women around me didn’t aspire to have careers, and in my culture, education focused more on men. My parents were different: they wanted me to study and would always say, “There is no better feeling than not having to rely on anyone else.” This was the mantra I carried with me. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be an event planner, so I earned a marketing degree and started my career by organizing weddings and then moved on to speed-dating events, which eventually led me to my current role of B2B EMEA Field Marketing leader in ad tech here at Quantcast. Slightly strange career path, I know! I am continuously challenged in this industry as it is always evolving, but I am happy to be in a leadership role at a forward-thinking, pioneering and supportive company. I balance my career with raising an 18-month-old baby. In both of my manager positions – one as mom and one as boss – I am constantly growing and trying to find a happy balance.


We are female leaders helping to shape the future of advertising technology, and we are here to innovate and revolutionize how the online advertising industry operates.

Quantcast actively promotes diverse voices and entrepreneurship and has a number of employee resource groups to champion diversity, equity and inclusion including the Quantcast Women’s Network. To find out more about Quantcast, visit our website

We are #WomenInTech

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We #ChooseToChallenge on #IWD2021

How will you take the challenge?

We’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month throughout March through internal development workshops, and we’ll be highlighting more of our strong women Quantcasters here on the blog and on our social media channels.

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