Marketers today make a lot of noise about being data-centric, they ask for more data, more verification, and more bang for their buck. The digital shift added new strain and pressure to agencies and CMO’s, but that pales in comparison to the world of publishers. Publishers have overcome an actual existential threat, while the rest of us overcame a bump in the road. So what can we as an industry learn from publishers? As two ends of the same digital ecosystem, do they really sit so far apart?



Konrad Feldman | Co-Founder and CEO | Quantcast
Karthic Bala | Head of Data Strategy | Condé Nast
Mike O’Hagan | VP, Operations | The Players Tribune
Joshua Palau | VP Digital and Omnichannel Marketing | Bayer Consumer Health
Adam Puchalsky | SVP, Managing Director | UM Studios, NA