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Big Data And A Revolutionary Approach

UK-based analysts firm Bloor Research published an article on Big Data and the massive data infrastructure that Quantcast has built to enable precise audience targeting. Bloor Research enables organisations to choose the optimal technology solutions for their needs, similar to Gartner or Forrester.

David Norris, Bloor’s lead analyst on Big Data states that “every so often you come across something that is really jaw dropping and Quantcast is one such”. He talks about the relevancy of data to display advertising: “To cope with the requirements of display advertising requires something more than just a bit more of what has gone before: what is required is a revolutionary approach. We are talking about a major step change, it’s mass production on an awesome scale. We are talking about petabytes of data being processed, which is not just about the application of static business rules but is about real time machine learning and optimisation; and all of that has to be brought together as a coherent whole and repeated billions of times a minute 24 by 365.”

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