When COVID-19 hit, the highly competitive arena of health and fitness got even more fierce. With consumers turning to online workouts to replace gym sessions and to healthy food prep and deliveries to replace dining-out habits, Australian Life Tech (ALT) was perfectly positioned to fulfill their purpose: “to help people live their life better.” This technology-led health, fitness, and nutrition company wanted to tell their story across multiple platforms to capitalise on growth opportunities in the digital global market and, more importantly to them, make a difference in people’s lives. 

Australian Life Tech works with large corporations to provide wellness programs, but they also offer B2C digital subscription platforms. With over half a million people having participated in their program, the primary brand in the direct-to-consumer space is 28 by Sam Wood, a home fitness and nutrition program designed by the Australian Bachelor, Sam Wood. Over the past five years, ALT has moved from being a startup venture to an established business, and this past year has dramatically accelerated their growth, launching them far beyond where they expected to be. ALT’s CEO, David Jackson, describes it as “a very exciting space to be in, particularly when you’re getting up every day to help people.” 

Thinking Ahead of the Curve

David’s vision is to create, design, and bring to the global market exceptional digital subscription brands through premium positioning and innovative features. He explained, “We’ve made the right investments in terms of technology and people and infrastructure to put us really well positioned for growth going forward. We have a diverse marketing mix but digital marketing is a key element to fuel growth.” As he noted, the pandemic also led to “an acceleration of competition,” and “so we need to make sure we’re thinking ahead of the curve and have partners that are also thinking ahead of the curve.” David “welcome[s] competition, because we’re all fighting the good fight.” To him, it is about “being able to tell our story across as many platforms as possible” to reach their ideal audience

Another priority for ALT was having a local presence, so that they could “tailor the approach to their local needs,” particularly in Melbourne and Sydney. As David explains, “We’re very much focused on building communities that sit around our business to ensure that we have a direct relationship,” plus it helps them to “future proof and reduce reliance on some of the big players.” A few years ago, “the majority of our digital marketing activity focused on Facebook and Instagram, but over time we have diversified our overall marketing mix of which Quantcast is an important component.”

Strategic Insights

Working with Quantcast, ALT developed a strategic plan, “grounded in data and insight,” with clear and measurable objectives. As a team, they “co-created a pilot that we both believed in and built from there. It wasn’t Quantcast doing something to us; it was us doing something with Quantcast.” David acknowledged, “We get approached a lot by marketing providers and digital marketing companies, promising that they can transform our company and help us grow, but more often than not, there’s a level of over-promise and under-delivery. [We] really had quite the opposite experience with Quantcast.” With a “real desire to understand our business, what the value drivers are for us, and what we really want to achieve beyond a customer acquisition cost,” Quantcast was able to provide “strategic insights, whether that’s on our business, our customers, competitors, [or] the market.” David values how they have been able to “nurture the partnership and month-on-month achieved the objectives that we’ve set forth.” 

David stated: “It’s a wonderful dynamic we have with Quantcast, when month-on-month, we’re increasing our spend and our customer acquisition costs are either maintaining or sitting well below what our KPIs are.” 

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You can watch this short video of David speaking at Quantcast’s Virtual NOVA:

To learn more about how Quantcast helped ALT with their primary platform, Australia’s largest digital at-home fitness and nutrition program, check out our case study on 28 by Sam Wood