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Audiences Versus Cookies

One of the most important innovations Quantcast has brought to web measurement is the ability to translate cookies into audiences. Whereas unique cookies are just bits of data which indicate the actions and history of a web browser, an audience member can visit a website with a number of devices (laptop, desktop, mobile), generating many cookies per person. Quantcast’s technology solves this by accounting for multiple cookie generation per audience member. Our reports are derived from the 500+ billion events Quantcast measures per month! Note that Quantcast does not collect PII – see our privacy policy.

Of course, Quantcast provides unique cookie counts as well. To toggle between people versus cookies in our audience reports, under Traffic, click the drop down to choose Cookies (or Visits, Page Views, Page Views per Person and Visits per Person).

Our direct measurement takes into account numerous factors to build a translation of cookies to audiences. By measuring and defining both publisher’s and marketer’s audiences in this way, Quantcast enables consistent, precise and unique audience delivery with less waste for marketers and more yield for publishers. Marketers use Quantcast to target optimal audiences which look like those who currently convert or engage on their own properties. Publishers can define and showcase the exact audiences that marketers want, all in real time.