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Audience Segments Example: Instructables

Audience segments are one of the most powerful features of Quantcast, yet one of easiest to set up. Simply put, they allow you to understand, define and package audiences any way you want. We’ve created a guide which explains how to create audience segments, plus a page which describes how and why they rock. Like every other part of Quantcast Measurement, audience segments are absolutely free to implement and use.

One of my favorite examples is Instructables Network (view audience profile). Because of the nature of DYI content on Instructables, distinct audiences gravitate to certain topics of interest. This publisher leverages this by using hierarchical audience segments based on these user interests. On the top level, you can view the Instructables audience segments based on general interests, such as technology, then drill down to see specific segments such as technology/photography or technology/audio.

In this way, Instructables can showcase these segments to marketers who specifically want to reach audiences interested in photography, audio, etc. It also allows them to understand the composition of these segments: traffic, geographic regions, demographics, business and more. It’s fascinating stuff for those of us who love to learn insights about our audiences.