As a leading multi-platform audio content and entertainment company with the country’s best collection of local music, news and sports brands, Audacy understands the importance of developing data-driven campaigns based on actionable insights about their customers. The company engages over 170 million consumers each month, bringing people together around the news, sports, podcasts, and music that matter to them. 

Audacy’s main advertising challenge was that there is an inherently large gap in measurement and addressability when it comes to traditional broadcast radio, as all listeners hear the same ads. Being able to prove that advertisers are reaching the right audience is paramount, and crucial to Audacy’s business. 

By utilizing the Quantcast Platform, Audacy was able to import their ‘offline’ first-party data and measure these previously unknown audiences, which gave them the ability to provide national and local advertisers with more relevant and data-driven qualitative insights. Audacy is now able to measure their ‘over-the-air’ audience (broadcast radio listeners) in combination with, or against, their digital users. 

Jeffrey Berest, Manager of Data and Analytics for Audacy, explains, “For Audacy, Quantcast’s technology has been a game changer. The term ‘game changer’ doesn’t feel like a hyperbole for us. Imagine being another media publisher and you’re only able to get insights on half of your audience. With Quantcast, we were able to close a huge gap in audience measurement.

These insights were also used to improve Audacy’s media planning ability on their network, and to demonstrate to their broadcast stations that they have identified their primary audiences. By being able to develop data-driven media plans based on credible audience insights, Audacy is able to reduce waste and maximize return on investment (ROI). This ability is not only integral for clients, but it also helps Audacy differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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Quantcast enables Audacy to go beyond traditional radio research platforms, by integrating their rich set of first-party data to interpret consumer behavior in real time. With the Quantcast Platform, Audacy was able to distribute additional first-party audience segments to their advertisers, which better represented their broadcast station listeners. These additional audience segments closed a significant gap in audience measurement and enabled Audacy to tell the full story about their audience. Jeffrey further explains, “The Quantcast Platform has been incredibly valuable for us. We now have more coverage and understanding of our total audience, and this is seamlessly available in the Quantcast Platform. Whether it is our digital assets, or broadcast stations, and more – we can now tell the full story, and fuel all of our media planning with accurate data.”

At Quantast, we empower publishers such as Audacy by helping them measure their audiences and enriching their first-party data. Quantcast “is an integral piece of our portfolio of qualitative insights platforms, and they allow us to continue to discover and enhance the storytelling for our brand and stations,” explains Jeffrey.

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