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At Home Or Work?

Quantcast business data indicates if a web property’s audience tends to visit from home or work. If an audience visits from work, Quantcast can tell you the names and sizes of the organizations they are likely in. This fascinating data is updated monthly and you can view it for many Quantified publishers when you sign into

To view business reports for your property, go to and sign in. Click Business in the right column. Choose the size of the business you want to view (Small Medium or Large) or even search for a specific business by name. Sort the report data by clicking any of the available categories (Uniques, Uniques %, Uniques Index, Visits %, or Visits Index).

With workplace consumption and other audience insights from Quantcast such as demographics, geography, affinities and traffic and traffic frequency, a publisher can showcase audiences that marketers want to reach. For example, if a web property’s audience includes traffic from a specific company (a financial services firm) within a certain geographic area (New York DMA) and a certain income level (more affluent, over $100K), this is very attractive to an advertiser who wants to target such an audience.

Note that data about which businesses visit a web destination is proprietary to the publisher of the site. Other users can only view this data after making a request to the publisher.