We’re excited to announce the re-release of the Quantcast Chrome Extension, available in the Google Chrome Store. The Quantcast Chrome Extension is designed to support the Quantification process by allowing you to instantly verify you have correctly placed your Quantcast tag. Check out what you can do with the new Quantcast Chrome Extension below!

Check any website for an implemented Quantcast Tag.

Instantly know if any website is Quantified by checking the Chrome extension’s icon in your extension bar. Websites that have the Quantcast tag implemented will display the Quantcast logo with a white checkmark. If the website you are browsing is not Quantified, the Chrome extension’s icon will be the standard Quantcast logo.

Get quick insights into the audience of any Quantified website.

Check the rank, traffic, and high-level demographics of any Quantified website with a single click. The new Quantcast Chrome Extension now includes audience data to help you understand the audience of any Quantified website with publicly available data. Interested in digging deeper? Click “See More Data” to visit the Quantcast audience profile of the site you are viewing, or use the search function to see if data is available for a different website.

For advanced troubleshooting, you can select the “Quantcast Tag” tab to view the P-Code and labels associated with the current page.