Today I’m excited to announce our new increased support for our growing European client base with a new team dedicated to the Spanish market. Based out of Madrid, the team will be led by Borja Ussia and provide close advice for our clients based in the market. Ilaria Zampori, who has led our growth in Italy since 2015 will expand her role to also be Managing Director of Quantcast Spain.

In recent years we’ve seen significant growth in interest from Spanish brands in leveraging Quantcast’s unique first-party data and machine learning power to help them understand, reach and measure their audiences in order to deliver relevant advertising campaigns. This aligns data showing that programmatic advertising spend in the market is on a steady growth trajectory and expected to exceed €400 million in 2021. Today our clients in Spain already include the University on the Internet (UNIR), the Cetelem bank and the insurance company Genesis. We look forward to partnering with many more in the months and years ahead.

Spain will mark the seventh market in Europe where Quantcast will have a presence on the ground, following the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden. 

The past year has certainly been a challenging one for many of our clients across Europe and elsewhere as consumer behavior has been in dramatic flux as a result of COID-19. I’ve had the opportunity to see the insights and results that our clients have been able to achieve thanks to Quantcast’s unique first-party data, machine learning, consent management capabilities, and importantly, our talented European team. I’m excited to see us bring these benefits to more brands, agencies and publishers with our new presence in Spain as we continue to work to foster a free and open internet.