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All Star Panel Featured at 2011 Data Congress

Quantcast hosted this year’s Data Congress at Advertising Week in New York at Gotham Hall. Moderated by the industry’s infamous author of the ‘Lumascapes’, LUMA Partner’s CEO Terry Kawaja, the event emulated “Real Time With Bill Maher” as participants discussed the continuing move of dollars from search to display. All 250 seat were filled as Terry brought the jokes (good and bad). The all star panel shared insights about the marriage of big data and RTB and enjoyed a reception afterwards.

Speakers included Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson, BlueKai’s CEO, Omar Tawakol, MarketShare’s CEO Wes Nichols, AdAge’s Digital Editor Michael Learmonth, VivaKi Nerve Center’s SVP Kurt Unkel, Google’s Director of Product Management Scott Spencer, The Weather Channel’s CEO Mike Kelly and Quantcast’s CEO and VP of Product Management, Konrad Feldman and Jag Duggal.

Michael Kelly, pointed out that regardless of technologies and integrations, at the end of the day, all a marketer wants to know is if it works. Carolyn Everson stated that the social network takes a different approach to achieving marketers objectives that’s more focused on enabling user conversations about brand and products. Scott Spencer mentioned that there are many niches in the real-time ecosystem and much room for player to innovate. Jag Duggal said that trust in your partners is important and so is testing to ensure verification of what works and that, “…if companies were so confident their stuff works they’d go CPA.”

Konrad Feldman detailed how, in just a few years time, Quantcast has seen a 22x jump in real time auctions per day, now at 8 billion. Jag Duggal, Vice President of Product Management at Quantcast, mentioned that Quantcast is focused on the effectiveness of digital campaigns and that combining RTB, algorithms and first-party audience data, we deliver the most effectiveness throughout the funnel.

Many thanks to our panel and special thanks to our host, Terry Kawaja.