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Akamaized Measurement

We’ve been working hard the past few months on improving the reliability and latency of our service infrastructure. Two of the big changes involved DNS and JavaScript file delivery. For DNS resolution we now use Akamai’s Enhanced DNS and Traffic Management solutions. And for delivering our JavaScript files, we’re now using Akamai’s EdgePlatform which comprises 20,000 servers deployed in 71 countries.

If you signed up for the Quantified Publisher program after January 19th, 2007 then you’re already using the new infrastructure. If you signed up prior to this and want to take advantage of Akamai file delivery, you will have to update the JavaScript code that you placed on your site. If you don’t want to make the change, don’t worry as the old JavaScript code will continue to work. You can find the new code on the ‘My Sites’ page after logging in. The difference in the code is the URL which changed from ‘’ to ‘’ (we had to make this change because Akamai EdgeSuite requires CNAME records).

We’ve got a lot of other upgrades planned over the next few months… stay tuned!