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Ad Age Digital Conference 2010:€“ Quantcast Workshop

Thanks to those of you who joined us this week at the Ad Age Digital Conference! We had a full house for Todd Teresi, Quantcast CRO, talking about the current display and video ad space and what is needed to make it a truly consistent and scalable offering.

In our talk, we touched on the differences between behavioral targeting and Quantcast Lookalikes.

Quantcast’s unique approach helps companies reach customers more holistically. Instead of relying on a single behavior, Quantcast compares and ranks thousands of your customers’ characteristics to the rest of the online population. This approach identifies what’s truly unique about your real customers. Take this credit card example to help illustrate it better – behavioral targeting works from customers who visited credit card content or search on a publisher defined list of key words. In effect, it re-targets that same cookie pool/audience.

But in reality, credit card customers across different brands of cards are not all the same and this approach won’t bring you the scale you’re looking for.

Quantcast Lookalikes start with behaviors from your site not a publisher’s – so, with Quantcast, your lookalike model is built from your specific credit card’s offer, at your own site by tagging that page. From there, Quantcast is able to show you, specifically, what defines your particular kind of audience and what makes them different from other brands’. And what this example here shows is that Quantcast can tell you that perhaps your audience for one card is between ages 35-45 with a propensity to be interested in the outdoors, is female and college educated, while for a different card offering, the audience is between ages 35-44, higher propensity to be male and interested in movies.

Just as important, Quantcast can show you what your customer is NOT. Perhaps for one card offering your customer is not between ages 18-24 or interested in gambling.

Stay tuned for video of our workshop, posting soon!