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A Web Measurement First: Modeling Cookie Counts to People

Today, Quantcast publicly released the internet’s first cookie corrected direct-measurement audience model (press release). This is a transformative event for measurement of digital media, as it enables census-level, cookie-based traffic counts to be leveraged as the foundation for people-based audience evaluation. More importantly, this hybrid audience measurement model combining cookie data and people insights will provide the needed foundation for addressable advertising.

For over a decade, online audience measurement has been limited by legacy panel based models. Our breakthrough announcement today sets the stage for dramatic changes in how our collective media business operates. We firmly believe that as the advertising and media business moves to an addressable model, direct-measurement will be a foundation for real-time targeting.

We have released a Cookie Correction Audience Data White Paper describing our methodology, and have provided a wide range of information detailing how audience data across our service is improved with today’s enhancement (Cookie Corrected Audience Overview & FAQ). Many of your questions should be answered by these resources.

We look forward to receiving feedback from our community of users, and continuing to lead innovation in the audience measurement space. As always, comments are welcomed at