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A Quantcast Milestone: 1 Trillion Direct-Measurements Since Launch

Our direct-measurement model has been adopted by over 80,000 publishers for a variety of reasons – because of its accuracy, near-real time reporting capability, and flexibility – and  today we directly-measure more than 10 million unique web properties (sites, blogs, videos, widgets, etc.).

We can generate audience characterizations for virtually any sized audience and while many innovative modeling techniques allow us to accomplish this, nothing is more important to us than the industry’s participation and the growing base of directly-measured media consumption data.

This week, we reached an important milestone – over 1 trillion measured events since we launched just two years ago.

1 trillion data records. It’s a lot of information and requires a very sophisticated global data collection and processing infrastructure. Uptime is key. We’re committed to this platform and to delivering real-time audience based content and ad decisioning solutions to the market.

We want to thank the whole marketplace for participation. Every day more of you join and it’s this collective participation that allows us to provide the services that we do. Thank you, and looking forward to the next trillion!