Deanna Fay

As the hazy days of summer wind down in New York City, we took a minute to sit down with one of our sales leaders who has a sunny disposition no matter the season. Senior Manager Deanna Fay talks to us about her innate ability to see the good in (almost) everything and why she is always one step ahead of what is next in her career.

Deanna leads one of Quantcast’s East Coast Field Sales teams whose focus is concentrated on new business development within independent advertising agencies and direct marketers in the New York City, D.C., Connecticut, Philadelphia and Baltimore markets.

1. What is your favorite work memory to date?

My favorite work memory to date happened to be just a few weeks ago when Quantcast’s Product team hosted a Customer Advisory Summit Hackathon at our San Francisco headquarters. The event emulated everything that our business stands for, which is true collaboration between human intelligence and the machine learning that powers our technology. It was amazing to see the marketers who are in the trenches day to day translate their knowledge directly to the engineers who can make a change, lending to solutions to serve customers across the board.

The bonus of happy hours, a group cooking class and a private dinner at a vineyard in Sonoma definitely added to the fun while doing what we all do best in this industry -work hard, play hard!

2. What is the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

When I was an account executive at my previous job, my sales manager at the time told me that people don’t get promoted because they “want” that next role; they get promoted because they are “already doing” that next role. At the time, he was telling me this to encourage me to speak up about wanting to manage a sales team of my own because I was already playing mentor and coach to several people on the floor. And though I was unsure if pursuing a people-management position was what I wanted at that time, he made me realize that I was already doing it, so why not ask for the credit and official title?

Those words have always resonated with me, and they keep me focused on doing not only the job that I have, but the job that I want to have so that when the time is right, there is no reason I wouldn’t be “the chosen one.”

3. What keeps you motivated when you are trying to get through to a tough client?

It’s often through the toughest conversations that the greatest successes emerge. My trust in the products we offer, the intelligent team around me, and the intent of our business to support marketers’ objectives is what keeps me motivated in uncomfortable client conversations. I believe, like with anything in life, staying true to yourself and, in this case, the service that you are providing, will garner greatness in due time. Thankfully, most of our client conversations are happy ones!

4. If you were a superhero, what would your special power be?

Since it is an innate part of me to be able to see the good in almost any situation and in any person, my special superhero power would be the ability to help the world see things the same way. Think of me as the “silver-lining slinger.”

And don’t get me wrong; my positivity is not to be confused with naivety. In fact, it allows me to own the things that go wrong or could be better. But more importantly, I learn, grow and challenge myself and others around me in those uncomfortable situations.

5. What is your favorite part about working in the NYC office at Quantcast?

My favorite part of working here is continually feeling like I am far from the smartest person in the room. I say that because whether it is my senior leaders and peers in the office, those visiting from another country’s office, or the new sales development rep who was just hired out of college, I am constantly being challenged by the knowledge, experience, innovation and questions of diverse, curious minds all around me. Also, I am inspired by how many people here can pick up a marker and whiteboard ideas at a moment’s notice. Being surrounded by this day in and day out allows me the ability to go home each night knowing that I still have so much more to learn and do in this industry.

My role as a people leader is to foster growth, trust and collaboration between people and ideas, and I am thankful to have amazing folks around the office to do my job with.

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