In 2021, we can continue to expect a lot of change. Over the past transformative year, ad tech has dealt with massive upheavals, shifting the foundation of our industry. Already adjusting to privacy legislation and changes imposed by the browsers, ad tech has been focused on developing new identity solutions. But the global pandemic paired with Google’s announcement that they will be deprecating third-party cookies from Chrome in 2022 have accelerated the changes that were already happening. Looking forward, we have identified 7 Trends for 2021 Ad Tech centered around consolidation, consumers, and CTV

  1. Consolidation is inevitable: The glue that holds together ad tech is dissolving, and disparate technologies stand to lose.  The next wave of consolidation in the attempt to build integrated tech stacks creates an opportunity for marketers to tap into an innovative and unified approach, such as with the Quantcast Platform
  2. Scrutiny of the internet giants steps up a level: Lawmakers and regulators increasingly recognize the importance of protecting consumers and securing a free and open internet. Big tech companies are under a microscope with respect to data collection, content moderation, consumer privacy, and antitrust, and their moves are complicating the ease with which advertising can be bought and sold on the open internet. 
  3. Consumers join the conversation, advocating for their data rights: Consumers want a free and open internet. Now we need to have an honest and open conversation about how advertising funds it. With consent management, consumers can put their trust in trustworthy companies. 
  4. Consumer-first identity solutions are the answer: Establishing a trusted relationship in this value exchange is key, and so winning identity solutions will be consumer-first. It is important that identity solutions adhere to the core tenets of industry standards, interoperability, and innovation.  
  5. The year of connected TV: The pandemic shifted consumer behavior, increasing CTV usage and ad spend. Now it’s time for this emerging platform to advance its underlying infrastructure for planning, execution, and measurement to realize its full potential. 
  6. Marketers commit to understanding and embracing AI: Artificial intelligence is no longer a buzzword; it is a requirement in a savvy marketer’s toolkit, freeing up humans to tackle the problems that they overperform machines on, such as strategy, creativity, and marketing.
  7. Measurement: On the heels of the pandemic, there will be a rise in spend, but it will need to be justified. Sophisticated marketers are bringing incrementality in-house. Tackling the measurement dilemma directly and embracing incrementality as the only campaign metric is fundamental to success. 

To learn more about how these trends might impact your marketing in 2021, you can read the full guide here

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