The Quantcast Summer Internship Program is a great way to learn about the real-world applications of subjects you study in school, like map-reduce and machine learning. Our interns, spread across Quantcast’s four engineering offices in Singapore, Seattle, London, and San Francisco, spend their summers working alongside industry veterans to help make advertising better for advertisers, publishers, and consumers. Directly from our most recent group of summer interns, here are 6 reasons you should intern at Quantcast too!

6 Reasons You Should Intern at Quantcast

REASON 1: I was really impressed by the transparency and support from all the employees at Quantcast. People don’t mind taking 5 minutes out of their day to give you advice or help you overcome an issue.

At Quantcast, we structure our internship program in a way that empowers and enables our interns to grow as engineers. From your first day to your last, everyone at Quantcast is here to help you with your project and find your niche within the company.

REASON 2: I was fortunate to participate in the Publisher Customer Hackathon during the first few weeks of my internship. For this event, Quantcast invited fourteen publishers (ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Buzzfeed) to present problems for our team to solve in 24 hours. I learned so much from working with customer specialists, product managers, and engineers and in the end, created a novel product solution.

As an intern with Quantcast, you’re part of the team! Just like our engineers, you have the opportunity to work with people from various sectors of our business, including: the commercial side, product managers, and even our clients.This means you get the full and complete experience of what it’s like to work on and develop products for the market.

REASON 3: The Intern Hackathon perhaps was the best event. Within a day long event, all interns were able to come together and solve real company problems, collaborate with mentors and brainstorm in a highly engaging manner.

We love hackathons at Quantcast! From our client hackathons to our yearly company-wide hackathon, known as Quantathon, we promote innovation across the company. The same is true for our interns, who had their own hackathon this summer! Some of the projects from that hackathon are in production today, including an internal survey tool used to keep a pulse on employee engagement.

6 Reasons You Should Intern at Quantcast

REASON 4: My manager was a helpful resource in introducing me to Quantcast’s products as well as getting me up to speed as a new engineer. We had honest and valuable one on one meetings every week.

Interns are an incredible asset for Quantcast, so we take our jobs of aiding their development seriously. Our intern managers are responsible for guiding their interns through Quantcast and helping them find an attainable project. Many of the projects our interns work on eventually become products or features.

REASON 5: My team was super friendly and welcoming. We had lunch together every Wednesday and it was fun to talk about random things. We had a good balance of new grads, junior, and senior engineers who all offered different perspectives.

When you intern at Quantcast, you don’t work in a silo, but with a team of engineers working on a product or service. These teammates are not just a resource to help you with your work, but are also fun to hang out with when the work is done. Our teams love having summer interns that bring fresh ideas and new perspectives!

6 Reasons You Should Intern at Quantcast

REASON 6: My mentor was a tremendous help for me in the transition from school to industry. He was always happy to answer my questions. Mentorship is harder to come by at school, so I definitely appreciated getting personal feedback every step of the way.

Rounding out our support system for interns, each and every intern is assigned a Quantcast mentor. The mentors act as advisors for their projects and as soundboards for general industry questions and career advice. Interns are constantly receiving feedback from their mentor, managers, and teams so they end the summer with a clear view of their work and an improved knowledge of software development.

6 Reasons You Should Intern at Quantcast

Our Quantcast interns leave as better engineers and are more prepared for their future in technology! Some join our New Grad Program and kick-off their full-time careers with us, but all leave enjoying their time spent here.

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