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5 Years at Quantcast!

Quantcast was founded in 2006 with the goal of transforming the reach and effectiveness of online advertising through the use of science and scalable computing.

Five years later, we’re doing just that! We’ve grown swiftly, thanks to our fantastic (now 150 strong!) team. And, that’s not all! Every day, we analyze more and more data to power audience insights and relevant real-time advertising – we’ve now surpassed 10 trillion pixels!

Some other fun facts about Quantcast’s history:

-We have 150 employees in five offices: San Francisco (HQ), NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and London. (Want to work with us? Visit our career page.)

-Each day, we process over 5 petabytes of data. This is a LOT of data. Read UK-based analyst firm Bloor Research’s recent post about our data, “Really Big Data in the Real World with Quantcast.”

-More than 100 million web destinations are Quantified, including Gawker, Time and ABC. View some of our other measurement participants.

-All 10 of the top 10 media agencies use Quantcast to deliver high performance advertising campaigns.

Check out the infographic created by one of Mashable’s designers, David Foster, to celebrate 5 years and 10 Trillion Pixels!

5 Years of Quantcast