No doubt about it: there’s something about Mary. And her annual 355 slide deck on the future of the Internet.
Industry sage Mary Meeker presented her 2017 Internet Trends report last week at Recode’s Code Conference in California, and the online world is still buzzing about what she laid out. Here’s our top 5 AdTech takeaways from her treasure trove of research. As well as an opinion or two on their impact.
Digital ad spend will surpass TV ad spend globally in 2017 (it has already in the US). (Slide 10.) Congratulations! AdTech is more important than ever. And we believe it’s just the start. More data. Smarter AI. Hyper accuracy with unlimited scale. There’s no limits on how well, and how efficiently, we can serve each market of one.
Mobile is outpacing desktop and laptop in terms of both time spent, and advertising spend. (Slides 12 and 13.) Desktop and laptop still matter–they occupy almost ½ users’ time and half of advertising dollars. But in order to make the most of a budget and get the best returns, advertisers should strive to run unified campaigns across display, mobile and video.
85% of ad growth in the past year belongs to Facebook and Google, with 62% of that going to Facebook. However, social media advertisers express frustration with the difficulty of measuring ROI. (Slides 15, 16, 17.) Not a surprise. Our industry has struggled with attribution for quite some time. Engineers can’t quantify emotional experiences, so we have proxies–like click through, last touch, and ‘liking’–to imperfectly measure an ad’s impact. The trick to a clearer understanding of what actually motivates customers? Measure key pivot points in a customer’s journey–like the last touch before a customer’s first visit to a website, as well as that customer’s last touch before conversion. Tactics that ‘split the funnel’ (like Quantcast’s Complete Targeting solution) relieve advertisers’ attribution frustrations, and create insights for future success.
Ad blocking is on the rise. So is our industry’s pursuit of the best countermeasure: relevancy. (Slide 18-29.) Meeker cites how AdTech partners currently forge creative partnerships to deliver what customers need, when they need it. For example, Quantcast’s internet-wide view of live customer behavior, combined with highly accurate predictive algorithms, enable ad targeting at the precise moment when customers are ready to act. Make the ad matter, make ad blocking go away.
Measurability and data increasingly expose ad inefficiency. Brands expect partners to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time. No more fake it ’til you make it. Success in today’s AdTech environment requires high-performance AI. (Slides 30-34.) Adaptive neural networks find patterns in data—including human search patterns–that enable them to compare, associate, identify and predict how targeted audiences will react to given ads at given moments in their online experience. To make this happen, AI requires massive data and computer power, as well as expert supervised learning. Quantcast’s vast data set, robust computer capability, and exceptional engineering make this remarkable technological opportunity a reality.
Set your compass for 2017 and beyond: check out Meeker’s insightful full report for details on specific verticals, geographies, and an overall deeper dive. We promise–355 slides never went so fast!