Key takeaway 1: Programmatic Shifts Up A Gear
IAB Europe has announced that in 2014 the programmatic market increased 70.5% to €3.65bn. This year programmatic advertising crossed the lips of pretty much every dmexco conference attendee – a huge success when it comes to the recognition of our industry, and this definitely feels like a shift from last year.

The industry has sold the dream around efficiency and automation and we’re beginning to get smart with programmatic. Advertisers know programmatic works and are now asking “how do I measure it in the right way?”. The technology was the foundation, we have successfully automated the buying and selling of digital media, now the industry is looking to measure ad campaign success by moving away from last-click attribution

Key takeaway 2: Driving brand value through digital advertising
We are now moving away from digital just being the direct response channel it used to be. Brand advertisers can now use digital as a channel to deliver a whole media plan and drive customers from awareness and consideration through to purchase. Forward-thinking brand advertisers are using data to run sophisticated cross-channel ad campaigns that drive both direct response activity as well as help brands prospect for new customers. In return they also see more uplift on their ad campaigns and profit for their business. The advent of larger ad formats means advertisers can be more creative to drive engagement with their growing ‘always-on’, multi-screening consumer.

Key takeaway 3: Search activity driving brand scale
We understand that intent data in search is valuable throughout the sales funnel – not just at the very bottom. The combination of search with our unique insight into real-time consumer behaviour across the web creates an incredibly powerful solution for marketers and brands alike. Search activity provides insight into people’s intentions and interests, but so far it has only been used for search marketing and retargeting activities. Advertisers can now find prospective consumers before they’ve reached the search bar and reach them wherever they connect online. This provides the flexibility to target brand ad campaigns to their most relevant audiences at meaningful scale.

Key takeaway 4: Brands must connect quicker with consumers
During the agency panel debate at dmexco, panel members discussed how consumers are now ahead of brands. Consumers are connecting quickly and smartly. In the new age for digital forward-thinking that are moving to programmatic are fusing data into their storytelling. This is enabling brands to build custom audiences and dynamically optimise when the consumers are most engaged. Having a vast amount of data isn’t of great use in itself. It must be analysed for the information that is useful. The conversation has shifted and brands are looking for unique algorithms to dive deeper and mine data for insights that can feed into increasingly personalised and relevant advertising.

Key takeaway 5: Big data the key for digital advertising success
This was the third year that Quantcast exhibited at dmexco and given that the theme for 2015 was “bridging worlds,” we find that over the past few years worlds have been connected by a common thread – which is data. Data is now an integral part of digital advertising, with brand advertisers using it to better understand consumers and reach them in even more creative ways. Big data is not ‘new news’; consumers have always used big data at the transactional level. It’s media buying at the executional level that needs to be improved. First-party data is key and this is why it is still a hot topic in the industry.