At the start of 2020, I was planning out my annual goals as the Managing Director of Quantcast Canada, as many of us do; however, not many of us could predict that our plans would shatter within a couple months due to a global pandemic. I had set a goal to successfully launch our  Quantcast Platform in Canada. It was a very high-level goal with a lot of moving pieces: team buy-in, client endorsement, and cross-functional alignment. Layering in a global pandemic, working from home, and overall “COVID fatigue,” I quickly realized I needed to have a new approach. 

In mid-2020, the challenge was launching this modern intelligent audience platform in a global pandemic. My dilemma was how to maintain morale, adjust to change, and keep moving forward with the goals that my team set for ourselves. 

It took guts, but I leaned into 3 learnings that helped drive our path forward:

  1. Be part of the solution  – With bandwidth stretched very thin and tech stacks becoming more and more complex, we want to be part of the solution. The Quantcast Platform is able to solve these problems and transform workflows with its easy navigation and modern intelligence. It becomes an extension of our customers’ teams, whether internal or external. 

  2. Try to maintain a human element – The human connection can be lost while working from home. Gone were the days of going for a walk with a colleague or sharing water cooler talk. With this element absent while working from home and “Zoom fatigue” setting in, we had to find a way to connect back to basics. At Quantcast, we implemented a quarterly mental health day for the teams to log off and take time for themselves to rest and rejuvenate.

  3. Adapt and be agile – We knew that, despite it being a challenging time for any organization, we still had to move forward with the launch of our product, providing a solution to our customers that reflected the ever-changing marketing strategies common during the pandemic. Recently, we held our annual NOVA event: what was a regional live event transformed into a virtual global event. We were able to introduce the Quantcast Platform in a new and exciting way.

As we move forward through 2021, I am keeping these 2020 learnings in my back pocket to motivate myself and my team to face new challenges that come our way. We are proud to have launched the Quantcast Platform during a pandemic. It ended up being the perfect moment to provide an intelligent audience platform to our customers as it reflects the ever-changing market today and is helping our customers to know and grow their audiences by reaching the right people at the right time. 
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