Phil Macauley – Managing Director EMEA

2015 is almost at an end and it has truly been a great year for digital. The UK, Germany, Italy and France will account for more than 71% of digital ad spend in Western Europe, with digital claiming nearly half of the total UK ad spend (emarketer).

The biggest factor driving a change in focus for marketers is the availability of vast amounts of data and the tools to process it. This includes taking into account the brand interactions across all screens; from mobile to webpage visits; search; social; video views etc. Alongside this, attribution technology is enabling brands to understand what messages and tactics drive success throughout the entire funnel – from prospecting to direct response. Brands are also reaping the benefits of machine learning technology to understand what their typical customer looks like, using it to find more of the same type of person and deliver better content, more relevant ads and deeper connections to a wider customer pool.

We’ve grown our EMEA organisation extensively in 2015, here’s what each of our country heads predicts for the coming 12 months:

John Lamphiere – Head of Operations EMEA

“It’s been an exciting year of growth at Quantcast. Not only did we enter the Italian market, hiring Ilaria Zampori to lead the focus but we launched into the Nordics, acquiring Ad Performance to expand our presence in the Nordic market. In 2016, I would certainly predict further growth as additional markets emerge across Europe. In particular, the Irish online advertising industry continues to go from strength to strength, the first half of 2015 saw a 25% increase in Irish online ad spend (PWC), a growth that I expect to continue. The Quantcast Ireland team for one is bursting at the seams of our current offices and will be looking to expand in 2016!”

Matt White – Managing Director UK

“Over 50% of UK display ads will be served programmatically this year (CIM). This growth is, in no small part, down to the rise of programmatic technology as a branding tool. In Q2 we launched our new branding product Search Powered Audiences which has gained remarkable uptake across all our key verticals. 2016 will be the year that the use of programmatic ad technology for brand advertising truly takes hold.”

Ilaria Zampori – Managing Director Italy

“Forward-thinking advertisers understand how digital advertising can influence an entire media plan by leveraging big data to attract new long-term customers and drive revenue. 2016 will marks a turning point in how advertisers are approaching their media planning and looking at real-time advertising solutions to drive holistic scale and meet commercial needs. 2016 will be the year that marketers embrace the ‘segment of one’ and use programmatic to achieve relevance at the individual level.”

Paco Panconcelli – Managing Director Germany

“Programmatic is quite new to many advertisers in Germany – we found in a recent survey that marketing decision makers are just starting to explore all the potential and opportunities data-driven marketing can provide. There are still a lot of questions. As marketers advance further with their use of programmatic in 2016 the next question will be how we can improve the digital ad experience for the user – through better creatives, a more personalised approach or better targeting in order to reduce the noise.”

Franck Lewkowicz – Managing Director France

“2015 created a lot of questions in the digital advertising industry that we are yet to fully answer. Major trends for 2015 in France, including viewability, branding and attribution, will continue as the major challenges to overcome in 2016. A recent study in partnership with EBG, surveyed 1000 brand advertisers, publishers and media agencies, revealed 71% of respondents will raise their investments in programmatic in 2016. Programmatic will become the only buying channel in the future.This year; the launch of our Search Powered Audiences product and the culmination of three years of viewability research mark major strides for Quantcast in both programmatic branding and our understanding of viewability – more to come in 2016!”

Anders Uhlin – Managing Director Nordics

“In 2014 Swedish programmatic ad spend grew 265% year on year (emarketer) and I would expect to see similar numbers for 2015 and 2016. Sweden is not alone in the Nordic market with Norway and Denmark also seeing huge year on year increases in their programmatic ad spend. Programmatic has become one of the most important tools for online advertisers in the Nordics and the evolution of programmatic branding will surely drive this growth even further in 2016 as advertisers start to use real-time data to understand user intent and discover net new customers at scale.”