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1+1 = 3: Audience Measurement and Analytics Together

Analytics tools can be very powerful and helpful for discovering information about a website or app to get a picture of user interaction within the product. This helps publishers make more informed content and product decisions.

But analyzing traffic metrics without knowing your audience only tells half the story. The term “analytics” is often used synonymously with “audience measurement.” Though the two are complementary, there are differences:

In analytics, the publisher monitors traffic and navigation patterns within its product or property. Analysis of those numbers can contribute to better flow within the site or app, increased engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Audience measurement, as the name indicates, provides insight into audiences. It’s information about who is visiting as well as how many people. By attaching a customer profile (demographics, frequency of visits, income, education, location) to otherwise unidentified unique visitors, the metrics become more meaningful.

Larger publishers have historically used audience measurement metrics to attract advertising partners. But audience measurement can also play an important role in product development and audience acquisition strategies by providing deeper insight into audiences, interests, and broader media consumption behaviors.

Using audience measurement metrics alongside directly measured traffic trends helps publishers provide a clear picture of their users to advertisers and also adjust promotions, tactics, and business strategies dynamically.

In our next post in this series, we’ll discuss different approaches to audience measurement and provide more insights on how these tools can complement your existing analytics solution.

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Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure