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100,000 events per second!

That’s the number that our Quantified Publisher program surpassed at 9:14am PST today. 100,000 media consumption events every second from the millions of web destinations that participate in our program, totaling one third of a Terabyte of data every hour.

Yes, we know it’s geeky, but it takes a lot of engineering to support this load with the fastest tags in the industry and we’re proud of it: 13 global data centers, dynamic failover between data centers (in under six seconds!), sub 40ms average pixel response in the US and super high availability (even better than Akamai).

(For those interested at 9:14 our Washington DC data center had the highest load, closely followed by our two European centers, with Chicago just beating out New York for 4th place.)

Most importantly, we could never have hit this milestone without the support of you, our participating Quantified Publishers, and we want to thank you for trusting us with your audience.