An estimated $1.4 billion is up for grabs on Wednesday night in the largest Powerball jackpot in US history. Lottery fever has swept the nation, and we wondered: Who is most likely to buy a ticket? Using online behavioral data captured through Quantcast Measure, we looked at people who searched for “Powerball” from January 2 – January 8, 2016, to find out.
According to our findings, Powerball hopefuls tended to skew toward African Americans, Hispanics, and people 35+ years old and with household incomes of $0-100K. Millennials (18-34 years old), Asians and higher-income households ($150K+) were the least likely to show interest in the billion-dollar ticket: all underindexed with Powerball searches.

characteristics of people searching or powerball

On a regional basis, interest in Powerball was heavier in the East and West, with Pennsylvania showing the highest interest in Powerball relative to the population of the state. Northern states showed the highest interest in Powerball, with high indexes in New Jersey, Idaho and Montana. Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Michigan and Arizona rounded out the top 10 highest-indexing states. The Central United States as a whole underindexed with Powerball searches. Interestingly, Gallup published a report that Midwestern states are among the happiest in America. Perhaps the saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” really is true—even if it’s a billion dollars.

Which states are most excited about powerball's billion dollar jackpot

Ultimately, Powerball doesn’t care who you are. If a lucky winner picks the six magic numbers on Wednesday, we’ll see where they fall in our Powerball demographic. Good luck!

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