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Quantcast Advertise for Branding allows you to better segment, target and sell audiences to advertisers in real time.

Your Planning
Strategy and

Quantcast Measure provides free, directly measured traffic and audience composition reports.

Use Quantcast audience segments to group your audiences any way you like. Define the custom audiences advertisers want, and deliver more of your hard-won audience base.

Use Quantcast throughout your sales process to help you win, execute and renew deals.


Quantcast Spendographics
Offer marketers the power to reach millions of new enthusiasts and heavy spenders by different categories across your content, leveraging aggregate premium purchase data from American Express Business Insights and SymphonyIRI.

Quantcast Demographics
Segment out specific audiences you want to sell across your content. Adjust the composition of your audiences to index higher and target audiences that were previously challenging to deliver.

Custom Advertiser Segments
Quantcast creates custom models of an advertiser’s best customers, as derived from their proprietary data. Match your audiences to the exact customer an advertiser wants to reach. Quantcast models update and evolve in real time, so they always serve the advertiser’s best audience. They also allow you to deliver against Quantcast advertising partners.

& Protection

You've worked hard to build your audience. We respect this and take consumer choice and protection of your data very seriously. We never build or sell in-market segments and we never allow anyone to retarget your audience or customers.

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