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For Marketers

Audience targeting for buyers of digital media. Find and reach your best customers at massive scale.

Using Quantcast Advertise

Discover How Your Audience Is Unique

Quantcast enables you to understand what makes your audience distinctive across your product lines and throughout your funnel. Learn the difference between visitors and converters as well as demographics, interests and web media consumption habits.

Quantcast’s comprehensive Internet visibility, unique data asset and machine learning mean that we understand, holistically, what makes your best customers tick. With this capability, we score every prospective consumer on the web so you can reach only those that are a good match.

Find Millions

With Quantcast, take an audience of thousands engaging with your site or product, create your custom audience segment and amplify to reach millions more new customers like them.

Reach The Audience That Aligns To Your Goals

Only Quantcast ranks and scores your audience against every user on the Web for relevance to your specific goal, finding more individuals who look and act like your best customers.

Quantcast Advertise delivers superior audience composition and performance when compared to other targeting solutions. Quantcast enables you to reach new audiences as well as target niche segments across inventory sources.

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