Quantcast Advertise
for Branding

Offered via publishers, these products use Quantcast’s technology and the industry's most in-depth understanding of digital audiences to effectively target for brand awareness.

Custom Advertiser Segments

Publishers can fill an advertiser’s marketing funnel by reaching new prospects on your network that look just like their most valuable customers. Enable marketers to scale far beyond simple behavioral targeting and retargeting to reach millions of new customers against your content.

These lookalikes are custom models of an advertiser’s best-performing customers based on visitation to their specific pages. Quantcast Lookalikes are always based on visitors and convertors, not third party data or pre-existing behavioral targeting buckets.

Spendographics CPG Segments

Enable marketers to reach high-value CPG consumers across publisher’s content, and measure both the online and offline spend impact of their campaigns.

This solution combines SymphonyIRI transactional data and Quantcast technology to reach millions of new enthusiasts and heavy spenders across publisher’s content. Categories are based on SymphonyIRI CPG panel transaction data (80K US household), not intent based data. Categories include Diapers, Beverages, Cat Food, Skin Care, Frozen Pizza and many more.

This turnkey solution requires no additional tags or integration.