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V12 Group


V12 Group Digital maps offline Demographic, Buyer, CPG, Auto, B2B, and Purchase data into over 1,500 online audiences. Across our 12 audience categories, V12 Group helps advertisers reach over 130 million online users with everything from wide reaching brand campaigns to niche or custom built direct response campaigns alike. Our unique blend of verified data is refreshed every 30 days and completely rebuilt every quarter ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and in turn the best ROAS in the offline data marketplace.

How we collect data

V12 Group’s multichannel consumer file is one of the largest consumer databases in the industry. The database is an aggregated file built from more than 40 compiled and proprietary data sources, which combine postal, email, phone, and mobile data, as well as hundreds of selectors to further improve targeting.

Data Sources include:

Self-reported data
Survey / questionnaire data
Transactional data
Voter data
Warranty and product card information
Credit issues compilation
Government data
Donor and charitable organizations compilation
Newsletter compilation data
Catalog and magazine compilation
Household and county deed compilation
White pages

V12 Group Digital Data Categories

Sports & Fitness
Lifestyle & Pursuits
Community & Language
B2B Professions
PYCO Personality
B2B Audiences

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