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Quantcast Measure for Apps

Who is Using Your App?

Quantcast offers the most complete and accurate solution for understanding your mobile app users, for free. Get detailed demographic and geographic data, along with granular information around your users’ interests and the websites they browse. Understand your audience so you can improve user retention, increase audience growth and optimize monetization strategies.

Measure My App

Discover User Loyalty

Find out if your latest version has a consistently loyal audience by viewing visit frequency. Want to see how your user loyalty stacks up against the average? Our benchmarking feature shows you where you stand.

Measure My App

Understand Your Audience Across Platforms

Make sense of how users move between your website, mobile website and app. Our Return Usage feature helps you understand and manage the migration flow of your audience between platforms and within your product.

Audience Connect

See Installs & Upgrades

Analyze and display installs and upgrade adoption, as well as the distribution of your users across various versions. Determine if your feature changes have made the desired impact.

Measure My App

Showcase and Validate

The only open platform that allows you to externally validate and showcase your audience, lets you publish and promote your stats. Make all or some of your measurement profile public.

Measure My App

Additional Features

  • Visitation
  • Top Devices
  • Traffic Stats

Visit Sources & Frequency

Evaluate user distribution across versions by evaluating the percentage that each of the top versions of your app contributed to your overall usage in the last 30 days. You can also see the number of non-logged-in unique users grouped by their return visit counts over the last 30 days.

Top Devices

See top device models, connection types, carriers, and Operating Systems across all apps and versions in the last 30 days.

Traffic Stats

See your uniques, people, visits and page views across all your platforms and over time in a customizable graph. Isolate the data by date range, country or metric for specific purposes. Publicly display all your metrics, or set some to remain private.

Partner with Quantcast

If you're a platform or service provider that helps companies develop, promote or monetize apps, talk to us about offering Quantcast Measure. Your customers will gain unique audience insights, including demographics and cross-platform behavior, to build better apps and increase revenue.

And you'll gain more loyal customers.

All for free.

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