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A Few of Our Customers

  • AccuWeather.com
  • American Express
  • BuzzFeed
  • NBC Universal
  • Sprint
  • The Walt Disney Company

Quantcast Measure

Understand any Audience
Used by the world’s leading publishers on millions of digital destinations, Quantcast Measure provides free cross-platform audience measurement for your mobile app, site, network or platform. Get the most accurate demographic and lifestyle insights for any audience you want to analyze. Armed with better audience intelligence, you’ll attract more advertisers and acquire users more effectively.

Quantcast Advertise

Know Ahead. Act Before.™
Powered by our massive data set of anonymized consumer behavior, Quantcast Advertise is programmatic advertising that routinely surpasses marketer objectives for influencing audiences and driving conversions. Our pattern powered advertising identifies behaviors unique to your best customers and tailors ad delivery to produce the most Net New customers efficiently.

Quantcast Audience Grid

The Best Audience Data. Available for Everyone.
Quantcast Audience Grid applies our live consumer behavior dataset and leading data modeling capabilities to the industry's most valuable datasets, from television viewing behaviors from TiVo Research to offline purchase behaviors from Kantar Shopcom. The result is audience data with superior reach and accuracy, available for insights and targeting to everyone.

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